Friday, July 24, 2009

Be the change...

In the Teach Paperless Blog the author wrote about "The Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology," encouraging schools to open up the use of the technology tools our students already use so that they are responsible and prepared for their future, not stuck in our past.

The author stated, " encouraged about what your teaching will let tomorrow look like," for which I replied, "We've got to open the door to open the mind to education and learning again. The kids are demanding it in their apathy. Do imagine what the "cloud" connectiveness will involve IF we start digital citizenship today. And absolutely, we need universal WiFi Internet access-- all of us need access so all of us have the opportunities to enrich our lives, our world, and our relationships. Imagine."

The students I teach need as much opportunity and responsible use as those who can afford the new technology -- this is the future, and the opportunity must be made available to all to alleviate the oppotunity gap.

For more information for educators watch this one hour NECC 2009, ASCD/ISTE presentation about School 2.0: Link:

Students today need to be creative problem solvers and excellent communicators. Many kids already practice this in their mix-up, mash-up, paradied presentations on YouTube. Wouldn't it be nice if we could guide them in the kind of responsive citizenship that encourages democracy and acceptance? And shouldn't all kids have access to these skills of their future?

Watch this brief video by ASCD explaining how technology for 21st Century skills fits in our schools today:

Link here if not visible.

Remember "I touch the future. I teach." by— Christa McAuliffe? Imagine if we do open the options and engage students with what is truly their world: online, connected, and personal networks. Let's not be afraid, lets " encouraged about what your teaching will let tomorrow look like." We are touching the future by our decisions today -- what footprint will we leave?

Let's build the future...

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